Thursday, September 16, 2010

32 Week Dr Visit

Baby Evan's been measuring two weeks behind at every visit. Yesterday, at my appointment, the Dr said he'd be a small baby, ugh he has his daddy's genes all right. I also got to see the dietitian, not that I WANTED to, the nurse kept asking me at every visit if I've seen her, and that it's mandatory. So, I gave in... although I know everything she'd tell me. Let me tell you, she was one rude bitch. As soon as I got in her office, she goes "What can I help you with?" with a totally blank face. Um, hello.. I'm "supposed" to see you.. aren't you supposed to tell me what you think I should know. I was blank, so I pretended not to know, and asked "I need help on constipation". The rude girl, decided to act like I was wasting her time or something, and rushed through everything in a VERY annoying way, nope... she didn't even HIDE it. She asked if I exercise.. I said not really. She said "So, you sit all day?" I said yes, (I kind of do). She widened her eyes and said, you need to do some walking. I laughed and jokingly said it's too hot. She goes "UHH.. it's not even hot out today" DUDE, it was 80 degrees, considering I'M THE PREGNANT ONE, it's REALLY HOT. And please, I've thought of walking, but try living in a bad neighborhood like me... you wouldn't even dare to.

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