Monday, July 5, 2010

Please Consider a Pregnant Woman's Feelings

I've been getting quite a few of those "You're getting big" comments lately. Yeah, thanks I think I already know, and also I believe that's what happens when you're pregnant if you haven't already realized.

A close friend of mine said to me yesterday "You're getting BIG! But your stomach is still small!" What the fudge is that supposed to mean, why don't you just say what was really on your mind, like "OH you're fat!" Sheesh. Like I want to get fat, uhuh.

I used to starve myself or eat once a day only to stay thin. However, now that I'm pregnant things must change. I now eat 3 times a day and I'd eat healthy things that I wouldn't eat before. When I'm hungry, I eat... or else I'd feel like I'm starving the baby. It's not MY FAULT that I'm getting fat, this is for my baby's sake! Wth do people expect me to do, go on a diet while pregnant? Sheesh. I can't do ANYTHING about it until my son arrives, okay? So please consider a pregnant woman's feelings, THANKS!

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